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But in philosophy Vernadsky sees the thoughts, presentiments connected with understanding of life, its place and role in the Universe which can be correlated to modern scientific conclusions about live substance, about an anthropogenous geological era, about future role of the person.

The contribution to active and evolutionary thought of V. I. Vernadsky is huge and concrete. Its scientific ­ the theory can be assimilated in a sense to the strong base without which ideas and projects of kosmist could turn back fine, but only castles in the air.

The objective orientation of development live cannot stop the action on a in nowadays existing, still not to the perfect nature. "Process of organisms went and cannot therefore to stop on the person", - Tsiolkovsky claimed. Vernadsky is convinced: "superconsciousness" and "superlife" inevitably have to follow consciousness and life in a present form.

Further development of humanity, according to Vernadsky, will consist "in the change of forms of a and power sources available to the person". The scientist means mastering energy of the Sun, and also "direct synthesis of food, without mediation of organized substances", ability to support the organism as plants - from the most elementary natural substances. Already in a plant solar energy "passed into such form which creates the organism possessing the potential immortality which is not reducing, and increasing energy of an initial ray of sunlight". At Fedorov the task to turn food into "conscious and creative process - addresses the person of elementary, space substances in mineral, then vegetable and, at last, living tissues" not only was put, but also comprehended as one of the directions in real mastering the person the immortal nature, as one of conditions of finding of "the reason of itself" by it. Tsiolkovsky also wrote about future person, "animal space", directly assimilating sunshine and substances of the environment in the food and able to be immortal.

Referring to the most insignificant, almost zero percent of a live matter in the Universe, Umov emergence of life absolutely improbable event. Nevertheless it could on our planet only because it occurred not in "limited material system", and "in system boundless" what all space is. Thereby the scientist : all Universe somehow "worked" for this great birth, having created incredibly complex, unique combination of factors in one place.

But in much more humane options logical and sincere installation on "selection" is traced in Umov and Tsiolkovsky's some ideas. At all pathos of a, of the world and the person in their constructions rigid elite notes from time to time sound: at Umov the internal consent to inevitability of extinction of the certain people machine guns who did not manage to rise by an evolution crest is given; at Tsiolkovsky the idea of the "artificial selection" leading to creation "beings without passions, but high reason", or a problem of "preventive" destruction of imperfect, lowest forms of life meets.