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Justification of design decisions on the automated solution of economical and information tasks include justification of a choice of the tasks entering a complex, justification of need of use of computer facilities and creation of an automated workplace for the solution of this complex of tasks, justification of design decisions on information, technological and to the software of a complex of tasks.

- to project technology providing timely collecting, registration, transfer, processing, modification, storage, the analysis, protection and issue of necessary information to all interested divisions;

Preliminary protection takes place before the commission consisting of number of teachers of chair then the degree project goes to the review. The reviewer in writing prepares a review of the degree project, specifies remarks and wishes. The signature of the reviewer is certified by the press of the enterprise at which the reviewer works. During protection of the degree project in GEK the review therefore it is expedient to diploma student to prepare answers to the remarks provided in the review becomes engrossed in reading.

Now the package and dialogue modes of data processing are widely used, and the last is not alternative of the first, and can be considered rather as its development. The choice of this or that mode follows from features of each of them and features of the solved task.

Then it will be necessary to specify what hardware of a class it is involved for the solution of this complex of tasks, having proved thus economic feasibility of use of computer facilities. By consideration of the shortcomings inherent in the existing state of affairs at the enterprise, it is expedient to focus attention to those from them which elimination is supposed to be carried out in the project.

Economic essence of a complex of economic information tasks it is necessary to reflect general information on a task in point, having specified that is this class of tasks in what its economic essence consists and why this class of tasks should give though some attention and to devote it the whole degree project. The argument should be provided shortly, allocating dominants. Further decomposition of a complex of tasks and the short characteristic of each of tasks is given. Thus, it is necessary to consider the features connected with this class of tasks. For example, if we consider the tasks connected taking into account material values, it is necessary to give the description of accounting records (kontirovka) on tasks and to reflect what accounts of Book of accounts of accounting, possible accounting transactions on these accounts are used for the accounting of material values, and also.

The degree project is carried out according to the specification which includes the plan of structure of the project constructed on one of the options offered below. In the chosen option, with the permission of the head and the consultant, changes can be made.

justification of methods of information transfer in EIS (the courier, in the form of documents, on channels of modem communication, on the LAN channels, with use of the allocated channels, a discrete way through diskettes, streamers, optical carriers, etc., in interactive the mode;

to open essence of methods of design of rational intra machine technology / for example, reduction of number of sortings, use of effective methods of information search, procedure oriented approaches to allocation of modules and etc./;

It predetermined the main feature of a tendency - approach of such COMPUTERS directly to places of emergence and use of information, their distribution on separate functional fields of activity, and, therefore, and to change of the technology of data processing in the direction of decentralization. Structurally they are realized as a network interconnected through data links mini-and the microcomputer, terminals with one or several average or big COMPUTERS.

On the basis of the analysis of tasks, algorithms of their decision, entrance flows of information it is possible to define requirements to a set of the main technical characteristics of the COMPUTER and VS. Each real COMPUTER or VS possesses concrete values of the main technical characteristics (MTC).