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The parachute is used for disembarkation of groups of tourists to remote areas, for example, to the North Pole, and also rescuers. Parachute jumps — sport and entertainment. Jump young and old. The most the parachutist made a jump at the age of 95 years. Women, though live more long than men, but in old age behave more modestly.

According to requirements of passenger air transportation and requirements of the airlines which are carrying out flights in Almaty city airport on safety (examination) all air passengers, their hand luggage and the baggage transported in cargo compartments of planes are exposed to absolute control. All freight sent through the commercial warehouse and all mailings processed on a site of air transportation of office of "Kazpochta" is also exposed to examination.

Today aviation travel in Kazakhstan is a mass type of transport travel. The RK air enterprises from Almaty send planes to the USA, Italy, Turkey, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, India, Thailand, Korea, Singapore, Japan, China, Germany, Poland, France, Greece and other states.

The airfields and the airports used for civil aviation are subject to obligatory certification. The order of their certification, their equipment and the list of this equipment are defined by federal aviation rules.

The total area of the building of the passenger terminal makes 29 thousand sq.m. Capacity - 1,3 thousand passengers an hour. The terminal is equipped with 4 telescopic ladders sleeves, security systems, processings of baggage and power supply are reconsidered. The new power line more than 10 km long is brought to the airport, the fire conduit more than 5,7 km long which is taking away water from the Talgarsky conduit is laid. In the territory of the airport 4 floor automobile parking is constructed. Now the airport is capable to accept all types widebody, aircrafts without operation restrictions.

The last decades of the XX century were characterized by the growth of air transportation around the world. Substantially it is caused by positive tendencies in world economy, expansion of commercial relations, and also rapid development of tourism. However transport service of travelers on air liners caused emergence of a number of the problems connected with such reasons as:

The parachute - the device from strong fabric which reveals in air like an umbrella and is used for a of descent of a subject or the person on the earth from height in air. Initially — the parachute is thought up for providing a from the damaged plane or the aircraft and is used for these purposes till this moment, behind an of civil aviation for passenger traffic.

The double-deck machine design is caused by that the modern airports of the world cannot accept liners in a big way of a wing more than 80 m therefore it is not possible to increase the capacity of passenger ships in a different way yet.

The airport of Domodedovo wins first place in the country on and international cargo air transportation. Its cargo terminal has capacity to 1300 t per day, the level of technical equipment conforms to the best international standards. In addition, the airport of Domodedovo is one of the largest aircraft repair enterprises — in its repair hangars there can be at once four Il-8 planes.

During an era of intensive development of a scientific and technical in the second half of the XX century balloons began to be used actively for commission of travel, tourism and sports competitions.

The terminal and four-level parking are connected by the gallery bridge. On it it is possible to drive up to the landing block, to unload things, and then, having left the car on the parking, to pass on a foot path on landing.

Now to end construction of the new passenger terminal of the Almaty airport. With its commissioning, the capacity of the airport and opportunity for service of VS and passengers considerably increased.

V-767 belong to the long-haul cars capable to make transatlantic flights. Feature of the V-767 plane is that on its board there is a 12-channel sound broadcasting, individual illumination, in salon some television screens are installed.