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In the conditions of inflation of pension to citizens are reconsidered towards increase also at the expense of the Pension fund. The RPF finances various programs for social support of disabled people, pensioners, children. Means of a background go also for financing of administrative activity of fund. Temporarily available funds of RPF can be made in securities.

coordinate tariffing of cost of medical care, the territorial program of obligatory medical insurance of the population together with executive authorities, professional medical associations, make offers on the financial resources necessary for its implementation, on tariffs for medical and other services in obligatory medical insurance.

Payment of insurance premiums in RPF by the listed employers is obligatory, and payments have to be made monthly - in time, the expired month determined for receiving compensation for.

Funds of Federal road fund are allocated for financing of the contents, repair, reconstruction and construction of the public highways relating to Federal property, and also costs of management of road economy.