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The branch and representation of non-profit organization are not legal entities, are allocated with property of the non-profit organization which created them and act under the provision approved by it. The property of branch or representation is considered on separate balance and on balance of the non-profit organization which created them.

The state and municipal non-profit organizations have the advantages and shortcomings. To the first the central regulation of process of production and distribution treats with the corresponding allocation of necessary resources. It creates prerequisites of equal opportunities in the sphere of consumption of the public benefits. To the second — inevitable limitation of the funds allocated by the state for creation of the public benefits, and especially in a transitional economy, absence of economic incentives for effective work, bureaucratic management style, etc.

The property given to fund his founders (founder) is property of fund. The fund uses property for the purposes determined by the fund charter. For implementation of business activity funds have the right to create economic societies or to participate in them.

Can be engaged in economic activity, manage any person, the citizen and even the person which does not have nationality. After all any of us conducts personal, a household, without requesting on that permission of the authorities and without making out officially legally the status of the owner. But, speaking about such managing, we usually mean the simplest, homebrew ways of activity. They are connected with own life support, with personal and family economy.

Fund the non-profit organization which does not have membership founded by citizens and (or) legal entities on the basis of voluntary property contributions and pursuing social, charitable, cultural, educational or other socially useful purposes admits.