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To estimate possible ways and methods of application of electronic computers (further the COMPUTER) for increase of overall performance of a staff of GO, it is necessary to have a clear idea, first, of the volume and the maintenance of the solved tasks, requirements of efficiency and ways of communications, and, secondly, of opportunities of modern COMPUTERS.

additional light sources. In very light room letters and figures on the monitor screen are badly visible. It causes a headache, deterioration of sight, decrease in concentration, and also leads to mistakes in work because of incorrect perception of information.

When developing the program interface of the user of PEVM possesses certain shortcomings, namely: when designing the interface, during the work with databases the programmer experiences considerable strain on eyes that leads to decrease in its working capacity by the end of the working day.

Let's consider all listed types of artificial lighting of rooms. The system of the general lighting is intended not only for illumination of working surfaces, but also for all room in general. The system of the combined lighting consists of the general and local lighting: lamps of local lighting create big illumination on a working surface, and the general level brightness under review. Use of one local lighting is not allowed because of sharp contrast in brightness. The emergency lighting system is provided in cases when breaks in a running cycle are inadmissible. For calculation of illumination of a working surface we will use method of efficiency of a light stream.

Carrying out saving emergency recovery operations in the centers of defeat and zones of flooding. Without successful carrying out such works it is impossible to adjust activity of the objects which underwent blows of the opponent to create normal conditions for activity of the population of the affected cities.

In this part of the degree project the analysis of category of weight of work of the programmer is carried out; the optimum working conditions of the systems engineer, factors operating on him in the course of work are considered. Parameters of illumination of a workplace are considered. Thus, rest is necessary for the organization of a workplace of the software engineer with category of weight of work 2

For the sign and alphanumeric information displayed on ELT the sizes are recommended: height of a sign h is 3,5 mm at L = 0,6 - 0,7 m; width of a sign is 0,75 h; intersign distance - (0,5-0, h; interlower case distance 0,75h.

The increased temperature of environment leads to fast exhaustion, reduces speed of perception of visual and acoustical information, the general block of the person owing to violation of warm activity (increase in speed of a beating, changes of a blood pressure.