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Time of carrying out is defined by an environment and features of goods. For example, the novelty to winter sports will hardly attract to itself interest in the spring. Tactical reasons it is much more difficult. Here it is necessary to consider the general state of the economy, a situation in branch, actions of competitors at present.

Such low efficiency is explained, on the one hand, by that in connection with complexity of the mathematical description of interrelation of the processes happening in the developed objects, mistakes in projects of difficult systems are inevitable; with another — at design it is not accepted to provide possibility of failures because it is initially supposed that the object will meet all requirements in a task.

To find out all this, and also to define reaction of competitors and a marketing network that in case of a to introduce new amendments before mass production of new production apply trial marketing — realization of a small consignment of goods in one or several chosen regions and behind real succession of events within the plan of marketing developed by firm.

The decision on the one to whom to address the production what of consistently mastered markets of consumers are the most favorable where to direct the main efforts on stimulation of a, firms, most likely, accept by results of a trial. In an ideal for consumer goods paramount segments of the market have to possess the following characteristics:

The first decision — about timeliness of release of new goods on the market. By the time of completion of work on goods in the market there can be a situation when it is more preferable to enterprise to postpone a novelty for time and to wait for more successful environment.

The academician V. N. Glushkov noted that "aspects of use of the COMPUTER in invention are almost uncountable" and use of opportunities electronic ­ technicians not only in search of the optimum physical principles of action (FP of future designs or technologies and the technical solutions (TS), but also in opening of new and more FPD and TR became the following in this plan.

Trial marketing is used by one firms for an of necessary changes in production and plans of marketing. — consider him as possibility of receiving recognition of consumers and as the first stage of realization within all country. The third — want to decide destiny of the novelty finally: to begin a mass production or to stop production of goods before realization if it does not meet expectation of firm. It is clear that in each case different information and its different use is required.

The problem of innovative management at this stage consists in making a number of decisions: when where as long follows ­ trial marketing, what information to receive and how to results.

It is necessary to notice, however, what not during actually, and only in the course of a long ex-remental and natural tests it is possible to provide high reliability and quality of the created products. The economy on development of the program and system of tests leads to that more time and funds for clarification of the reasons of unforeseen refusals and their elimination is wasted immeasurably. Practice shows that on it 90 of time of experimental debugging of new products leave sometimes.

In modern conditions of intensive production of new processes of creation of new technical systems are characterized by the increasing complexity of problems of designing: the number ­ performance of separate subsystems, knots, blocks grows, the list of physical processes which are put in a basis of their production. With growth of number of alternatives also the number of and efficient combinations of these alternatives increases. All this conducts to need of adequate information support of and design works, impossible, all of a flow of information, without the COMPUTER presently.